Friday, August 22, 2008


Play is really important aspect in a babies development as it promotes learning, development, growth, movement skills, thinking, language, social interaction and emotional development. Its amazing isn’t it! These things all happen best when your child is actively involved in an activity and they are having fun. As a parent you are their first teacher your child will ever have and also their playmate. You can help choose toys and activities that motivate your child to play, explore, imagine and learn about themselves and their environment.

18 months (approx)
A this age your toddlers will spend some of their time wandering off to explore and then coming back to show you what they have found or done, this is a difficult period as it is sometime hard for parents to find a balance between protecting your child from danger and stifling their natural development. If left to their own devices they generally don’t like to stray too far. Be aware that they can move fast if something exciting catches their eyes so try to watch them but at the same time give them a little space to experience the world around them.
This is the time when they should start to show a real interest in other children. With the interest comes the inevitable arguments as most don’t share well yet, so be on hand to settle disputes. You will begin to see them struggling to do things for themselves as they want more independence try to encourage them to try to do things and praise them for their efforts even when they don‘t quite get it right, at least the tried.
If possible and it can be very hard in our hectic lives try to find frequent, small amounts of time each day to be available to your toddler, if you are at work this can be hard but it is important so try getting up a little earlier or try to make it home for bed time and read them a story it doesn’t have to be a lot of time but it is important that they have time with both parents if they can as this gives them balance. Toddlers love to show and tell try to respond to them, listen to them, cuddle them, follow their lead and have fun together. Try to respond to toddlers warmly and lovingly as Separation anxiety is a normal part of a toddler’s development and strongest around18-24 months.

Toddler Proof
Toddlers want to do everything themselves and be into everything. So make sure you do a safety check, oh and if you have things that you would rather your child didn’t come down the stairs holding to show their grandma then this is the time to move them out of reach, toddlers have no concept of personal space if they can get into it the will.